While bricks have a certain aesthetic appeal, their reddish-brown look isn’t suitable for every person’s home.

Over time, brickwork that was once attractive to a homeowner can begin to show signs of age and lose its luster. In such instances, one might feel compelled to call a mason or home remodeler to replace their brickwork. But there is one other option: brick painting.

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Brick Painting Services

Painting your home’s brickwork is often promoted as the cost-effective and practical approach to updating the look of your home. But to unlock the many benefits of brick painting, you need the help of experienced painting contractors. That’s where Doug's Painting comes in.

Before brick staining or painting can begin, a fair bit of preliminary work must be done. While some brick painting companies might dismiss these steps as helpful suggestions, we think they’re completely necessary. When our guarantee is customer satisfaction, you can bet we’re going to take every precaution.

To ensure a job well done, we will:

  • Perform tests to ensure your brickwork can absorb our coating.
  • Pressure-wash your exterior brick siding while making sure we do not damage the brickwork.
  • Cover the surrounding surfaces (rooftop, windows, walls, doors) to ensure no accidents occur.
  • Perform a final clean-up after all work is done.

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Brick Painting Companies

Often when your home’s bricks are starting to look a little worse for wear, they’re not in bad enough shape to warrant replacement or even brick repointing—they just need a little TLC!

There are other instances when one might want to do something different with their brickwork. Sometimes a home’s fireplace is a little out of sync with the rest of the room’s décor. Rather than replace the brick, you can just paint it. Think of it as re-facing rather than replacing!

In no time at all, your home will be revitalized with a few fresh coats of paint. Your brickwork will no longer stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, it will compliment your furniture and carefully chosen accessories!

Qualified Brick Painting Contractors

If you want your brickwork painted, you’re likely concerned with how it looks. You want a paint color that will improve the look of the bricks and your home, not one that will make a guest’s stomach churn.

While some exterior painting service providers might not know what colors go well together, we certainly do. We know what colors can complement or counteract with a home’s existing color palette. We’re the painting contractors with an eye for décor and design!

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